Stripes2Stripes, LLC has filed a petition with the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB). In the petition, we request that the CIWMB take all necessary steps to implement statewide curbside recycling of plastic bags, including the Stripes2Stripes program.

Our goal is to make Stripes2Stripes the standard curbside plastic bag recycling program throughout North America. The program is supported by the leading plastic bag manufacturers. In developing the program, we have received input from plastic bag manufacturers, recyclers, recycling equipment manufacturers, and other stakeholders. Stripes2Stripes constitutes a root and branch reform of the plastic bag industry, which will massively boost the plastic bag recycling rate. (Stripes2Stripes, LLC has a patent pending on the Stripes2Stripes system.)

Every home and workplace will be provided with green striped Stripes2Stripes Recycling Bags. Consumers will deposit in the recycling bag all clean empty plastic bags that are marked with a prominent corner three stripes logo. Striped plastic bags go into striped recycling bags. Easy! When the Stripes2Stripes Recycling Bag is full, the consumer places it in the recycling bin.

The bag on the right goes in the bag on the left

Striped bags into striped bags - EASY!

In the recycling bin for curbside collection.
The Stripes2Stripes recycling bag will hold about 200 plastic bags.

The recycling bags will protect the enclosed bags from contamination. At the MRFs, the recycling bags can be easily identified, pulled from conveyor belts, separately baled, and sold to recyclers.

Stripes2Stripes also ends the “free for all” where manufacturers design and make bags without regard to their recyclability. To be eligible for the three stripes logo, plastic bags must meet Stripes2Stripes recyclability specifications to ensure that they can be processed by washing and filtering equipment and turned into premium post consumer resin pellets that can be incorporated into new bags.

MRFs will be able to sell baled filled Stripes2Stripes Recycling Bags to recyclers for a premium price.

Grocery sacks, produce bags, retail bags, newspaper bags, and dry cleaning bags will be eligible for the program, provided that they meet the Stripes2Stripes recyclability specifications.

Stripes2Stripes is an open program. All manufacturers are eligible to participate.

Stripes2Stripes also addresses the litter problem. As explained in the petition, implementation of the program will substantially alleviate the problem of empty plastic bags blowing in the wind.

The petition contains a comprehensive review of the present state of plastic bag recycling in California and full details of the Stripes2Stripes program.

The CIWMB is a strong advocate of “Extended Producer Responsibility” (EPR). We have been responsive by proposing Stripes2Stripes, which is a major EPR initiative.

Now the ball is in the government’s court. Stripes2Stripes cannot be implemented if the government stands in the way. The plastic bag industry does not control curbside recycling or any aspect of the waste stream. In the petition, we request that the State of California, through the CIWMB, respond to our EPR initiative by fulfilling its “Extended Governmental Responsibility” (EGR). The first step is for the CIWMB to hold a stakeholders conference.

It is high time that the CIWMB and representatives of all of the stakeholders met with each other and exchanged ideas on the curbside recycling of plastic bags. The CIWMB cannot possibly make an informed decision about the curbside recycling of plastic bags or Stripes2Stripes in the absence of such a meeting of the stakeholders.

We look forward to a positive and constructive response from the CIWMB.




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